WACO, TX – For the first time in Texas, some are now able to pick up their prescriptions at a kiosk instead of a pharmacy counter.

The first-ever remote prescription pickup option is located inside the Texas Farm Bureau and it allows employees to pick up medications with just a touch of a button.

“It works in conjuction with a pharmacy but its a kiosk machine and therefore you can pick it up 24/7 and do all of the things you would do in a pharmacy but do it at the kiosk,” said Tammy Cohen, Vice President of Pharmacy Services at Baylor Scott and White Health.

With hundreds of Baylor Scott and White Pharmacy prescriptions inside, security is a top priority.

“The machines are locked up, each individual drawer is locked individually so when you come pick up your prescription and you go through the process, you’ll only be able to access your drawer and then you just push it back and it locks back into place,” said Cohen.

In 2017, Baylor Scott & White Pharmacy, under the approval of the Texas State Board of Pharmacy, began a demonstration project to evaluate an automated prescription pickup system.  After a year of evaluation, the Texas State Board of Pharmacy approved new rules that took effect June 2018 allowing Texas pharmacies to deliver medications outside of retail pharmacy locations via a kiosk.  

“One of the things that we look forward to is providing convenience to our employees. It just makes tending to your health convenient, we keep progressing, we had office delivery now we have you can pick up your prescription here in this office, it just makes it easy for our employees to look after their health,” said Si Cook, Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer at Texas Farm Bureau.

Using the kiosk is simple, you input your claim number when your prescription is ready, select your prescription or talk to a pharmacist, make your payment and get your medication.

“Our goal really is to put them in places where patients need them, they’ll pick up their prescriptions and adhere to their medication regimet therefore helping their individual health,” said Cohen.

The first remote kiosk of its kind in Texas was installed on the campus of the Texas Farm Bureau Headquarters in Waco last month, and more kiosks will be installed in the coming months.