The VA uses ScriptCenter at its facilities to provide 24/7 secure prescription pickup in the locations Veterans frequent most.

Annual checkup or clinic visits – Minimize pharmacy congestion

Allow your Veterans to make better use of any wait times by getting labs or other services completed, then picking up prescriptions from ScriptCenter without waiting in line again.


Domiciliary or SARRTP Patients – Provide convenient prescription pick up 24/7

Transfer prescriptions from your ‘window’ queue to reduce wait times when you deliver prescriptions directly to DOM patients through ScriptCenter.

DO NOT Mail list(s) – Reduce pharmacy wait times

Providing a better solution to meet the needs of these Veterans, removes them from congested pharmacy counter lines, and can help to improve overall wait times at your facility.

Discharge Patients – Increase adherence and help reduce readmissions

Partner with nursing at your VA Medical Center to ensure Veterans leaving your facility do so with all the prescriptions needed for the best possible care and improved outcomes.

ScriptCenter Provides Convenient Access & Reduction of Wait Times

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ScriptCenter Increases Patient Compliance

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