Asteres Inc., the industry’s leading provider of 24/7 automated prescription and retail product pickup kiosks in hospital, Veteran’s Affairs, Department of Defense  and retail pharmacies announced today that the Texas Board of Pharmacy approved the use of ScriptCenter for 24/7 prescription pickup for all prescriptions in licensed and non-licensed facilities. Asteres worked with a health system in Texas on a pilot project since early 2017.  After presenting findings and reviewing positive public comments, the Board unanimously approved ScriptCenter to deliver previously filled and verified prescriptions anywhere dispensing pharmacies want to expand their pickup locations.  The approval allows pharmacies to expand their services into work sites, clinics, senior living facilities, retail locations or anywhere they want to increase convenient prescription access to patients and employees. Adoption of the proposed amendments to 22 TAC §291.33 will allow the Texas State Board of Pharmacy to continue to fulfill their mission to “promote, preserve, and protect the public health, safety, and welfare…to the citizens of Texas” while embracing technology and improving access to pharmacy services. Texas Society of Health-System Pharmacists supports the amendments in a statement to the Board, “Improved access to prescriptions post-hospital visit increases the likelihood of a patient’s adherence with prescribed drug regimens by reducing barriers to pharmacy services. Increased medication adherence results in significant cost-savings and, according to the World Health Organization, “have a far greater impact on the health of the population than any improvement in specific medical treatments.” For details on the new rule (available mid-June) see (i)(4) of 22 TAC 291.33 – Operations Standards. ScriptCenter provides a safe and convenient prescription pickup service to employees and patients in a variety of locations to enhance patient care and increase pharmacy footprint without having to build pharmacy locations or add additional staff. How it works:
  • Pharmacy fills and verifies prescriptions as usual.
  • Pharmacy securely transports and loads prescriptions into ScriptCenter.
  • Patients receive a unique Claim Check to pick up their prescriptions anytime.
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