Counseling is critical to a pharmacist’s role. ScriptCenter automated pharmacy kiosks and locker solutions allow pharmacists to maintain positive clinical relationships with their patients from anywhere.

Today, while so much of the pharmacy process has become digital, a patient’s relationship with their pharmacist remains the same. Automated pharmacy technology cannot replace the human element of counseling or a pharmacist’s clinical judgment. Instead, our technology helps to improve those relationships for patients and pharmacists alike. ScriptCenter automated pharmacy kiosks and locker systems allow pharmacists to work at the top of their licenses. ScriptCenter takes care of remedial tasks like payment and delivery of finished prescriptions. As a result, pharmacists are able to focus on clinical care, like vaccine administration and patient care like counseling. 

Patients want the convenience of getting in and out of the pharmacy. Traditional pharmacy hours and limitations often have patients rushing to pick up their prescriptions after work before the pharmacy closes. As a result, patients can end up being distracted during counseling. ScriptCenter allows pharmacists to counsel patients from the comfort of their own homes. Patients can call their pharmacist in their own time when it’s convenient for them prior to picking up their prescriptions at the machine. As a result, they can receive counseling when it’s more optimal and less distracting for them.

ScriptCenter users report feeling connected to the pharmacy. In addition, users say they receive effective counseling from their pharmacist away from the pharmacy counter.

Whether a ScriptCenter is adjacent to the pharmacy or miles away, ScriptCenter patients report feeling connected to their pharmacy. They understand that their pharmacist is simply a phone call away. With product enhancements like Video Consult, pharmacists can speak to patients at ScriptCenter with two-way video conferencing. A UCI, UCSD Study found that ScriptCenter patients felt like they received quality counseling without being at the pharmacy counter. Similarly, pharmacists reported that they felt they could offer effective counseling to ScriptCenter patients. A patient’s connection to their pharmacist doesn’t have to be diminished by distance from the pharmacy counter. 

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