In response to COVID-19, prescription pickup rates increase while people maintain social distance

Many in our ScriptCenter community have reached out to understand how ScriptCenter can enhance their organization’s social distancing initiatives. Last week, there was a 33% increase in prescription pickups across ScriptCenters in correlation with the pandemic. In collaborating with these customers, we have gained valuable insight into pre-loading prescriptions to minimize person-to-person contact.

Pharmacies can use ScriptCenter to load pharmacist-filled prescriptions to create a safer solution for medication pickup. This allows pharmacies to ensure social distancing while maintaining patient prescription access and adherence. With ScriptCenter kiosks and locker systems, pharmacists still maintain control of prescriptions during every step. Pharmacists fill and verify the prescriptions, like normal, in the pharmacy. Instead of placing the prescriptions into Will Call, the prescriptions can be loaded into one of our ScriptCenter products. From here, patients are notified that their prescriptions are ready for pickup. While maintaining social distance, patients are able to pick up their prescriptions without having to stand in a crowded pharmacy. This not only protects patients by allowing them to socially distance but pharmacy staff as well.

Many Boards of Pharmacy have nuanced rules on the use of kiosk prescription pickup and pre-loading prescriptions; our team is here to guide you through the regulatory and workflow questions you have.

For further guidance on pre-loading your ScriptCenter, or general questions you have, please contact Asteres.