Retailers use ScriptCenter to offer convenient prescription pickup, expand pharmacy hours, increase revenue, and improve margins. All while maintaining their valuable in-store foot traffic.

Our retail customers know that their customers are looking for convenience, choice, and a five-star consumer experience. ScriptCenter delivers on these solutions and more.

Millions of pharmacist filled prescriptions have already been picked up using ScriptCenter.

With hundreds of systems placed in Healthcare, the Department of Defense, Veterans Affairs, and retail locations, Asteres is the industry leader in 24/7 Automated Pharmacy Pickup. ScriptCenter allows your pharmacy staff to maintain control of filling and checking prescriptions, while ScriptCenter takes care of the secure prescription storage, tracking, pickup, and payment.

Knowledge Center: Current Pharmacy Trends

Pharmacy Chaos

Pharmacists need support from both technology and technicians in order to provide more necessary patient facing clinical services in their pharmacy. Learn more.

ScriptCenter configurations, integration partners, and more

Low to high volume solutions, more than 20 integration partners, and hundreds of systems placed you can be confident you are in the hands of a proven partner. Learn more.

Unattended Retail Report – February 2020

Consumers who participate in unattended shopping experiences are more likely to become repeat shoppers and pay more to experience it again. Learn more.

Safety, security, and regulatory compliance with ScriptCenter

Sophisticated security technology ensures the correct prescriptions are delivered to the correct patient every time. Learn more.