Retail Pharmacies

Retailers use ScriptCenter® to offer convenient prescription pickup, expand pharmacy hours, increase revenue, and maintain valuable in-store foot traffic.

Our retail customers know that their customers are looking for convenience, choice, and a five-star customer experience. ScriptCenter offers busy retail pharmacies a solution that delivers on all of these.

ScriptCenter is ideal for retailers looking to expand their pharmacy business into retail locations without a pharmacy, corporate offices, worksites, and clinics. ScriptCenter creates a prescription will-call location for the central servicing pharmacy to multiple locations. This multi-setting model allows retailers to expand their brand and corporate footprint without having to build additional pharmacies. 

Expand your brand, improve customer satisfaction, increase prescription revenue, and sell OTC products using ScriptCenter kiosks & lockers

The retail or servicing pharmacy fills and checks prescriptions as usual before placing them into secure ScriptCenter kiosk and locker locations for patients to pickup 

Corporate Offices & Worksites

Place ScriptCenter in offices and worksites to improve employee satisfaction, brand extension, and revenue.

Senior Living Facilities

Use ScriptCenter to offer a higher level of care and convenience to capture residents, dependents, and staff.

Remote Pharmacy Locations

Deliver pharmacist-filled prescriptions in retail and healthcare settings where volume alone cannot justify a pharmacy.

Rural & Underserved Areas

Reach patients in remote and underserved areas to improve patient outcomes and extend your brand.