Health Systems

Health Systems use ScriptCenter® to increase employee and patient satisfaction, increase revenue, & improve patient outcomes.

Our healthcare partners use ScriptCenter to offer the convenient pick up of prescriptions and OTCs for themselves, and dependents, anytime. Your employees, particularly those working the 2nd and 3rd shift, can pick up at your outpatient pharmacies, when their schedule permits, rather than area competitors which allows capture of co-pay revenue and recognized PBM savings.

  • Improve employee satisfaction by reducing long lines and wait times
  • Capture 2nd and 3rd shift employee prescriptions
  • Reduce PBM costs
  • Extend pharmacy hours without additional staff

CASE STUDY: Hackensack Meridian Health

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Improve patient outcomes by expanding Meds-2-Beds programs

ASHP POSTER: Vanderbilt’s Medication Adherence Presentation

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Travel time and long pharmacy lines are two of the many reasons why more than a third of discharge prescriptions are never filled. Creating a centralized discharge prescription pickup location, ScriptCenter can bolster medication pickup and allow techs to reach more bedsides. Our partners have expanded their meds-to-beds programs without having to expand their labor, simply by adding ScriptCenter to their solution.

  • Reduce trips between pharmacy and bedside
  • Improve patient outcomes, receive medications at discharge
  • Improve patient satisfaction and HCAHPS score
  • Increase overall discharge prescription volume

Healthcare Systems are using Script Center to create hub and spoke models to improve patient outcomes, expand their brand, and drive revenue.

Corporate Offices & Worksites

Service offices and worksites to extend your brand and increase revenue.

Senior Living Facilities

Capture resident and employee prescriptions using ScriptCenter and offer a higher level of care and convenience to residents, caregivers, and staff.

Remote Pharmacy Locations

Deliver secure, pharmacist-filled prescriptions in retail and healthcare settings where prescription volume does not justify a pharmacy.

Rural & Underserved Areas

Serve patients in remote and underserved areas while improving patient outcomes and brand extension.