Dedicated to Your Success

ScriptCenter® Implementation, Training, and Adoption

With hundreds of systems placed in Healthcare, the Department of Defense, Veterans Affairs, and retail locations, Asteres provides dedicated resources to work with your team to ensure the success of your ScriptCenter. Whether that be improving patient satisfaction with 24/7 prescription and OTC pickup, decreasing wait times, increasing medication adherence, growing revenue, or giving 2nd and 3rd shift employees around the clock access to pharmacy services, Asteres is here to collaborate and consult with your team.

Low to High Volume Solutions

ScriptCenter is the only prescription pick-up solution with the ability to offer low to high-volume solutions with streamlined integration for multiple sites.

ScriptCenter LS provides pharmacy services to smaller patient populations in remote locations.  The ScriptCenter LS-20 and LS-40 are designed with enough capacity to provide automated prescription pickup for approximately 60 – 120 patients per week.

Rural Hospitals  ●  Nursing Units  ●  Clinics  ●  Surgery Centers  ●  Small Employer Sites

ScriptCenter LS includes auxiliary locker columns that are easily added to expand capacity.  The ScriptCenter LS-60 and LS-80 configurations include enough secure storage to provide automated prescription pickup for approximately 150 – 200 patients per week.

Hospital Campuses  ●  Retail Locations  ●  DoD & VA Facilities

ScriptCenter MX  provides a high volume prescription pickup solution configured with lockers for oversized and refrigerated items. The ScriptCenter MX-5 or MX-8  with lockers can store approximately 350 – 600 RXs at any time ready for pickup 24/7.

Health Systems  ●  Retail Locations  ●  Corporate Campuses  ●  DoD & VA Facilities

ScriptCenter is much more economical than building and staffing pharmacy counters in every location pharmacy services are needed.  Our prescription pickup solutions can be configured to meet any volume requirement providing 24/7 prescription pickup.

ScriptCenter  – More Economical than Adding Additional Pharmacies or Counters

ScriptCenter Integration Partners

Asteres has extensive experience integrating with major pharmacy, POS, IVR, and payroll deduction systems. Enhancing your pharmacy services with ScriptCenter shouldn’t be difficult, so we take care of the interfaces for you. Depending on your organization’s policies and procedures, implementation typically requires minimal time from your IT team. Asteres has experience integrating with internally developed pharmacy and payment management systems as well as the most commonly used interfaces in pharmacy:

Integration, Implementation, Training, & Go-Live! Support

We manage the integration of your IT, pharmacy management, and payment systems. Your designated Asteres project manager will take you from project kickoff to Go-Live! with regular workflow analysis, weekly project calls, and status tracking documents. Once integration and implementation are complete, our training and adoption team will train your team to maximize patient use of ScriptCenter and confidently prepare them to train other members of your pharmacy team.

Business Value Analysis and ROI Development

Asteres consults across your organization to develop a return on investment strategy that addresses your specific location’s challenges and goals. We have worked with hundreds of organizations and their pharmacy, finance, human resources, IT, and marketing teams to guide successful adoption of ScriptCenter in their organization.

Branding and Promoting Your ScriptCenter

As part of your ScriptCenter purchase, Asteres will work with you to make sure your ScriptCenter has the same cohesive look as your organization’s marketing and branding. We will provide your team with customizable ScriptCenter promotional templates to meet your communication and branding needs and ensure that your patients and employees understand that their pharmacy experience is backed by the personal service provided by your pharmacy team.

Address State Board of Pharmacy Requirements

Regulatory guidelines for the use of ScriptCenter and all prescription pickup solutions dictate such things as unit placement, hours of operation, and types of medication allowed for pickup. Our regulatory team has over 15 years of experience and understands the nuanced details of regulatory requirements across the US. Asteres has presented to or assisted with presentations to Boards of Pharmacy in most states and can guide you through existing regulations on automated prescription pickup in your state.

Maintenance & Support

Asteres remotely monitors the health and wellness of your ScriptCenter system (where a remote connection is allowed) so we often know if there is an issue with your system before you do. Most technical issues can be addressed remotely by our in-house service and support team. In the rare instances when an on-site service visit is required, we use a third-party global service provider specifically trained and certified on our ScriptCenter systems.