Department of Defense

ScriptCenter® is used by the DoD to reduce lines and long wait times, offer 24/7 pharmacy services, & enable remote pharmacy locations.

Asteres offers patient facing pharmacy automation for the convenient and secure pickup of prescriptions. We understand the unique prescription distribution challenges and requirements the DoD faces. ScriptCenter is configured to accommodate varying prescription volumes while delivering cost-effective and resource-efficient solutions to servicemen and women and their dependents worldwide.

ScriptCenter systems are now available on ECAT – contact us directly to learn more.

ScriptCenter allows pharmacies to:

Improve Patient Experience

Increase patient satisfaction by reducing lines and wait times.

Extend Pharmacy Hours without Additional Staff

Service your patient population after normal pharmacy hours, on holidays, or during training days when your pharmacy is closed.

Enable Remote Pharmacy Locations

Create prescription pickup locations away from the pharmacy in your BX, PX, Commissary, remote sites, or satellite locations.

Maximize Pharmacy Efficiency

Allow your pharmacy staff to focus on other tasks with decreased pharmacy congestion.

ScriptCenter & iA’s NEXiA software integration is our latest effort to help the military streamline their pharmacy workflow into one centralized solution. Our partnership with Innovation provides the most robust solution for driving cutting edge efficiency into the pharmacy workflow at DoD and VA facilities. The integration of ScriptCenter within the NEXiA workflow allows pharmacy staff to prepare and track all prescriptions conveniently in a single location.

ScriptCenter meets high-level security requirements


Asteres holds a DHA RMF ATO accreditation at the MAC III Sensitive level for ScriptCenter systems. This accreditation allows ScriptCenter to be connected to the facility or MedCOI network.

ScriptCenter systems receive prescription data from MHS GENESIS, CHCS, or NEXiA to enable prescription preparation and pickup.

Express Prescription Pickup Point

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ScriptCenter & iA’s NEXiA Integration

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“We are giving patients an alternate way to pick up their medications. A lot of the time, customers can only come to the pharmacy during their lunch hours or after work, and that can be a hassle. Now, they have the option to come over whenever is good for them.”

– Maj. Price, Ramstein Air Base