ScriptCenter has expanded pharmacy access for Keesler AFB’s pharmacy by 28 hours per week.

In light of the pandemic, patient access to prescriptions is at the top of mind for pharmacists. Keesler AFB has recently expanded its pharmacy access without having to knock down walls or add additional staff. The base recently added a ScriptCenter prescription pickup kiosk to their pharmacy’s fleet of technology. By having another designated pickup location, the pharmacy can clear up congestion and add convenience for patients. Patients no longer have to stand in long lines to pick up their medication. Instead, they can pick up their medications adjacent to the pharmacy.

With expanded pharmacy access increased by 28 hours each week, patients appreciate the broader pickup time window. Now, instead of delaying picking up their prescriptions to find time during pharmacy hours, patients can pick up for themselves and their dependents when their schedule allows. On average, 30% of prescription pickups from ScriptCenter happen in the first 3 hours, and 40% within the first 8 hours.

Asteres ScriptCenter proudly holds a long-standing relationship with our military partners.

Together with the Department of Defense and the Department of Veterans Affairs, Asteres has provided active military, retirees, and their dependents expanded prescription access for years. All ScriptCenter prescription pickup products meet the high-level security requirements set by the US government. Asteres holds a DHA RMF ATO accreditation at the MAC III Sensitive level for ScriptCenter systems. This accreditation allows ScriptCenter to be connected to the facility or MedCOI network. Additionally, ScriptCenter systems receive prescription data from MHS GENESIS, CHCS, or PharmAssist Symphony to enable prescription preparation and pickup. Allow ScriptCenter kiosks and locker systems to help expand pharmacy access to your patients. In addition to offering patients convenience, ScriptCenter products help alleviate the burdens of your pharmacy to offer your staff benefits as well.

Keesler AFB military prescription pickup kiosk

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