Corporate Sites

ScriptCenter is used by companies to offer expanded wellness services and brand extension through 24/7 prescription pickup.

Companies have taken an active role in expanding their wellness offerings with benefits such as health centers, on-site clinics, workout facilities, and now pharmacy services.  Employers know that their employees’ satisfaction is key to retention and minimizing turnover costs. ScriptCenter corporate partners that offer an on-site prescription delivery program are finding that their employees prefer to pick up directly from a ScriptCenter locker or kiosk rather than drive to a pharmacy outside of work. A secure pickup location offers convenience and privacy for their employee prescription programs.   

Employees prefer to pick up prescriptions directly from a locker or kiosk for added convenience and privacy.

“One of the things that we look forward to is providing convenience to our employees. It just makes tending to your health convenient, we keep progressing, we had office delivery now we have you can pick up your prescription here in this office, it just makes it easy for our employees to look after their health.”

– Si Cook, Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer at Texas Farm Bureau