Employees at Orlando Health now have the ability to pickup their prescriptions 24/7

Another incredible launch out in Florida! We’re LIVE at Orlando Health’s South Lake Hospital location, where employees can now pick up their prescriptions 24/7 at their ScriptCenter automated pharmacy locker system. Employees now have the convenience of picking prescriptions for themselves and their dependents onsite. Employees no longer need to go to another campus to access the pharmacy. Orlando Health expanded its pharmacy footprint by implementing the locker system without adding pharmacy locations. We’re excited to see their employees are already buzzing with excitement.

locker pharmacy pickup patient

This facility offers payroll deduction at their pharmacy. This offering is available at their ScriptCenter sd well. Payroll deduction is one of the many features customers can implement in any of our ScriptCenter family of products. When using ScriptCenter, employees receive the same benefits that the pharmacy counter offers on top of the bonus of 24/7 access. It sounds like a win, win for all those involved.

We’re excited for Orlando Health staff to be offering such a service to their patients and their dependents!

To learn more about the automated pharmacy locker system at South Lake Hospital, find the video here.